Dmytri Kleiner is a software developer and independent researcher in the political economy of the internet.

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More Information
Directory information – Dialstation
Dialstation is a service for making cheap telephone calls from any mobile or landline telephone
Directory information – Telekommunisten
Telekommunisten provides internet and telephone services and undertakes practical and symbolic projects investigating the political economy of the internet and the ideal of workers self-organisation of production as form of class struggle
Directory information – Trick Micro Hosting
Trick Micro Hosting provides very inexpensive web hosting for individuals and small organisations
Name – About Me
First name: Dmytri
Last name: Kleiner
Hobbies / Interests
political economy, software development, art, linux, bsd, voip, python, php, perl, orm, oop, aop, ioc, tdd, django, phing, propel, freeswitch, gammu, archlinux, socialism, mutualism, anarchism, communism, intelection property, copyleft, lean, scrum, xp
IRC Group: #telnik on freenode